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We’re uniquely positioned to manage your inbound goods with 250 thousand square feet of multi-client and dedicated warehouse space located just outside of Columbus, Ohio.

We manage complex, high-volume orders to nearly all major U.S. retailers and we understand their unique requirements. Our expertise in routing and vendor compliance allows you to avoid costly charge backs, adjust quickly to new requirements, and easily add new retailers and programs.

Ample storage allows us to combine inbound freight with replenishment inventory to support store and DC operations.

To make your supply chain more efficient, we can segregate orders by geography and deliver your goods directly to customers. By cutting the centralized distribution center out of your supply chain, our DC bypass services can shorten the time-to-market and save significant transportation cost.



Pick, pack and ship

We ship more than a half million units per year across multiple channels. With customized pick and pack fulfillment systems designed to meet the needs of some of the nation’s largest retailers, we have the flexibility to handle any SKU profile, with pallet, bulk, or each-picking strategies that enable high speed, low error order fulfillment. We also provide fast, efficient returns management that puts goods back in inventory within 24 hours.

Scalable, flexible labor and production

Through the use of flexible staffing and productivity management systems, our operations scale quickly to the peaks and valleys of retail seasons, changing shipping patterns, and the challenges of the explosive growth of ecommerce.

With labor costs accounting for an ever-increasing portion of cost-per-unit, our expertise and experience in the local gateway markets are a critical part of your supply chain strategy.

Retail store replenishment

We provide high volume, time-sensitive retail store replenishment for clients ranging from specialty stores to the nation’s largest retailers. Our replenishment process enables lower inventory and labor costs while keeping your retail outlets fully stocked.

Product configuration

With a full array of value-added services available, our project experts make sure your product is ready for sale before it’s shipped. We’ve got the team and tools to manage any project, from simple price ticketing and labeling to complex sub-assembly or repackaging.



Ecommerce experts

We provide comprehensive ecommerce solutions to satisfy every step of the fulfillment cycle. We offer comprehensive internet fulfillment services, including a complete menu of value-added services such as specialty packaging, gift cards, personalized notes, and any other special-order requirements.

Through our relationships with multiple parcel carriers, we supply shipping optimization that strikes the right balance between time of delivery and cost of delivery. When returns occur, we process them to inventory quickly so they can be ready for sale within 24 hours.

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